Tuned 180sx with TD06 for Sale


Tuned 180sx with TD06 for Sale

We are Proud to Offer this Td06 RPS13 180sx Drift Car for Sale for use here in Japan or Export around the world.


1992.10 RPS13 180sx




Repainted Subaru Sonic Blue




R: Some Tread

180sx with TD06 Just Finished!

Ready for Sale. Full info on our website : https://www.powervehicles.com/180sx-with-td06/

Posted by Powervehicles.com on Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Detailed Specs

Rebuilt 5000 Kms ago by Top Tuning Shop Jing-R
Oversize Nissan Pistons
NEW Speedtek Steam Pipe Mani
Rocker Arm Stoppers
Greddy TD06H-20G Turbo
Trust Wastegate
Tomei Pon Cams
Metal Head Gasket
Aftermarket Front Pipe with Flexi and no CAT
R35 Air Flow
HPI Air Cleaner
Metal Suction Pipe
Zenky Oil Catch Can
Large Alloy Rad
Air Con Removed
Alloy Coolant header tank
Nismo Adjustable FPR
Nismo 740cc Inj
New DW Fuel Pump
Oil Cooler with Oil Filter Relocation Kit
Silicon Rad Hoses
Trust Intercooler

Aftermarket Exhaust System
Aftermarket Clutch (OS Giken?)
New Rear Member Collars
5 Stud Hubs
Cusco Rear Upper Arms
Cusco Rear Toe Rods
GP Sports G master Pro DG5 Coilovers
Front Swift 10kg Springs
Nismo Power Brace (Front Member)
Aftermarket Tie Rods
Aftermarket Pilo Tie Rod Ends
Aftermarket Front Stabiliser
Aftermarket Front Pilo Tension Rods
Front wheel Spacer
Front 4 Pot Nissan Calipers
18 x 9.5 + 25 Gram Lights C6 Wheels (Rear)
17 x 9J + 25 Gram Lights C6 Wheels (Rear)

Kouki Rear Spoiler
Rear Over fenders
Kouki Rear Lights, and Garnish
Rear Under Spoiler
Front FRP Wide Fenders
FRP Vented Bonnet
Kouki Side Skirts
Kouki Front Spoiler
Kouki Front Lip
Sun Roof
Spot welding in engine room and Trunk
Main harness moved to engine room
Cusco Front Strut Brace
Cusco Rear Strut Brace

Apexi Power FC and Commander, just remapped by Agent Ks (Boost 1.2-1.3)
Nismo Shift Knob
Drift Button
Greddy Profec boost Controller
Blitz Boost Gauge
Full Roll Cage
C Pillar Brace
New Luke Harness for Driver
Bride Bucket for Driver
Aftermarket Steering Wheel
S15 Passenger Seat
Greddy Oil Temp Meter
Greddy Oil Pressure Meter
Greddy Water Temp meter
Greddy EGT Meter

Please Study all pics for more info (Full size copies can be sent on request)
Video on Facebook (Please note video states forged internals but after confirming with previous owner the spec is O/H with Oversize Nissan Pistons).
Frp Paint Panels not perfect match (Colour) to the metal parts
Some Rust patches in sill
Front Frame been cut and repaired to attend to broken Front Member Captive nuts
Springs changed since pics on rear (8>6R, 10>8 Front)
Front Wheel Rim Kerb marks, also has been welded
Greddy Temp Gauge Faulty
Drivers Seat Worn, No Rear Seats or Trim
Dash Cracked
Advise Knuckles and Extended Lower Arms

Click for Link to Full Gallery (Google Drive)

What we do…


We can arrange this car to be shipped to you in your home country!


You can fly to Japan and Drive this car here on the Circuits of Ebisu!


We can further Tune this car with Top Parts from our extensive Partners List!

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