Toyota Supra’s for Sale

Powervehicles always has a selection of high end Tuned Supras that we have sourced from all over Japan, brought to HQ and re Tuned with the latest parts from Makers such as Link, Tomei, HKS and Greddy. Whether its for Circuit, Drag, Street or even Drift, all running the Legendary Supra 2JZ Engine..Select your Dream Supra Here:

1996.7 Supra RZ 6N0 Grey, 6 Speed

  • Trust Intercooler
  • Trust Oil Cooler
  • Trust Air Cleaner
  • Trust Metal Upper Rad Pipe
  • Greddy T88H-34D Kit
  • Trust Mani
  • Trust Wastegate
  • HKS 1000cc Inj

1996.5 Drag Spec Supra for Sale

  • T88H-34D Turbo Kit
  • Forged 3.1 2JZ Non VVti
  • Blitz version R Intercooler
  • Aftermarket Exhaust System
  • ORC Clutch (Triple?)
  • HKS 272 ° IN & EX Cams
  • Cosworth 87mm Piston
  • HKS H cross section Con Rod

Coming Soon

Red Drift Spec JZA80 Supra

  • 2JZ
  • Getrag 6 Speed
  • T78
  • Full Cage
  • Knuckles
  • Bucket Seats
  • Drift Spec
  • ...Lots more

We are currently building this drift spec JZA80 Supra for use in Ebisu (No Export Documentation)

Price Estimate when Complete: 2,000,000 JPY

1995 White Full Tune JZA80 Supra

  • 2JZ
  • Getrag 6 Speed
  • T78 Turbo Kit
  • Stack Meter
  • Recaro Seat
  • Aftermarket Cams
  • Greddy Brakes
  • Ikeya Arms and LOTS More!

We are currently building this very high spec Supra, available for export worldwide

Price Estimate when Complete: ASK

Worldwide Export Specialists