Street Spec A31 Cefiro For Sale


Street Spec A31 Cefiro For Sale

We are Proud to Offer this Street Spec A31 RB20 Cefiro for Sale for use here in Japan or Export around the world.  A nice example of a now rare car that can be driven as is or tuned more to become a Drift car.

A31 Cefiro with Rebuilt Engine for sale!

Click HDRequires Further Tuning for Drift (Current Street Spec)

Posted by on Tuesday, 2 October 2018


1989.11 A31 Cefiro









Detailed Specs

RB20 Engine Overhaul at 60,000, Oversize pistons (From Spec sheet from previous owner)
Head Port
Tomei Head Gasket
Stainless Exhaust Mani
Tomei Poncam
Tomei Cam Pulley
Nismo Timing Belt
Nismo Super Copper mix Clutch
Nismo Clutch Pivot
Nismo Flywheel
Nismo Engine Mount
Front Pipe
One Off Exhaust
Aragosta Coilovers
Skyline Brakes
Y31 Cima Turbo
GTR Steering Wheel
R33 GTR Kouki Front Seats
S14 Front Hubs
Front Aero Bumper
Side Skirts
Rear Aero Bumper
Origin 17” Wheels (R:9.5J+15. F:9J +30)
ER34 Intercooler
Turbo Timer
Shift Knob
Door Jam Support Bars
Apexi Air Cleaner
Nismo Front Tower Bar
Belloff HIDs
Splitfire Coils
Zenky Boost Gauge
Front Inner Fender Supports
Cusco Front Pilo Tension Rods
Cusco Front Member Brace
Aftermarket LSD
Decat Pipe
Aftermarket Front Pipe with Flexi
Custom Front Under Brace
Custom Rear Under Brace
Rear Alloy Member Collars
Nismo Rear Upper Arms
Nismo Rear Lower Arms
Nismo Traction Rods
Rear Member Brace x 2

Please Study all pics for more info (Full size copies can be sent on request)
Light Repair to Rear Panel, Looks Fresh but light repair
Knock from right rear (Suspect coilover, O/H rear Pair around 30-50,000 JPY)
Some Scrapes on Wheels
Next level Tuning Advice: Injectors, Pump, Remove Silencers, Intercooler Kit, Remap ROM
Heater Console Moved to Center Arm Rest


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We can arrange this car to be shipped to you in your home country!


You can fly to Japan and Drive this car here on the Circuits of Ebisu!


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