Note all prices are estimated and subject to change.  No Further Pricing / Pics / info is available until we complete the car preparation for Sale.

Under 700,000

199? R.Y.O D1 Crown Comfort Taxi! 1JZ, Single Turbo, Brembos, Full Okuyama Chassis/Cage, Ideal for G1 / EDS !
1990 S13 Silvia Convertible, CA18 MT, 2 Tone, Coilovers, Wheels, Exhaust, OK For Export to USA!
1991 A31 Cefiro, Brown Metallic, RB25 Engine, Power FC, HKS 2535 Turbo, CR Kais, Great Drift car for use here or for export!

1997 C35 Laurel, Red, RB25, HKS GT-RS, Greddy Intake, Tomei Cams, HPI Rad, 400ps Drift Spec
1991 JZS147 Aristo, 2JZ, Manual, New ACT Clutch, HKS 3240 Single Turbo, NEW Tomei Diff, Cage, 500ps Drift Spec!
1996 Pearl S14 Kouki, RB25 Engine, Trust Td06, Mapped for 1.0Bar, Clutch, LSD, Seat, Deep Dish Alloys, Drift Spec
1993 180SX, Brown Wide Body, RB25 Engine and Mission, T67 Turbo, Cams, Cage, Knuckles, Built in house, 500ps!
1992.8 JZZ30 Soarer, Gold, 1JZ, Cams, Single Turbo, LSD, Knuckles, Clutch, Fcon V or Link ECU, Injectors, Aragosta Coilover, Nice Street or Drift car
2002.8 JZX110 Verossa, Baby Blue Repaint, Wide Fenders, HKS GT2 Turbo, SARD Inj, Full Cage, Bucket Seat, Gmasters, Ready to Drift!
1991 180sx, S15 Face, Majiora Purple Flip Paint, HKS GTRS, Cage, DG5 Coilovers, Meters, Seats, Arms, Knuckles, Rad and more, 350ps
1999 Aristo, Blue Repaint, 2JZ Manual Drift car, Oil Cooler, Full Cage, Bride Seat, Stand out from the crowd at Ebsiu!
1998 JZX100 Chaser, Black Metallic Repaint, NEW PV Spec Cage, Knuckles, Bride Seat, Power FC, Rad, Defis LSD, Drift Ready!

1992 JZZ30 Soarer, Black, Vertex Ridge, 18″ Enkei RS05RR, Rebuilt 1JZ, Carillo Rods, T78-29D, HKS Cams, Trust Dog Box, Body Stripped for Weight, Knuckles, 500ps Comp Car
1999 S15 Silvia, Full Tune SR20, Cams, HKS turbo, Kazama Auto Promode SS Full Aero, New Paint, Power FC, Available for Export as rolling chassis
1996 JZX100 Chaser, BN Wide Body, 1.5JZ, GTX3076 Turbo, 500ps, Injectors, Knuckles, Full Cage, DG5 Coilovers, PV Lock Kit, New Glitter Red Paint, ORC Clutch, Drift Spec
1996 JZA80 Supra, Red, T78 with Cams, Getrag 6 Speed, Full Cage, Seats, Meters, Knuckles, Kei Office Coilovers, 600HP Drift Spec!
2001 JZX100 Chaser, Baby Blue, Cage, Blue Bride, NEW 3076 Turbo, Injectors, Clutch, LSD, Rad, Oil Cooler, Knuckles, Many mods, Super Clean Drift Car!

2,000,000 and over
1997 JZX100 Mark 2, 2JZ VVti twin Turbo, Silver, BN Wide Body, Kazama Aero, GTW3884 Turbo, Volk Rays Forged Wheels, Link ECU, 600PS PV Ultimate Street spec Demo Car!
1999 JZX100 Mark 2, (FD JAPAN SPEC) PV Red, PV Full Cage, 2JZ Twin Turbo, GTX 3582 Gen2, 2 Way LSD, Cage, Coilovers, Knuckles, Recaro Seat, Drift Ready, Ready for Comps!
1994 JZX90 Mark 2, (FD JAPAN SPEC) PV weld in Cage, Black, Getrag 6 Speed, 1.5JZ With Forged Oversize Pistons (3.1l), Single Turbo, Surge Tank, Powervehicles Lock Kit, Comp Spec!
1995 JZA80 Supra, 2JZ, T88 Single Turbo, Wide Body, Ikeya Arms, Stack Dash, Massive Work Wheels, NEW Tomei LSD, Wangan Racer!
2007 Holden VE SS Ute Drift Car, 400+ HP V8, KAAZ LSD, Custom Wide Fenders, RAYS Wheels, Pedders Coilovers
1995.2 BCNR33 GTR, White, AP Racing Brakes, Nismo Turbos and Uprated Injectors, Te37s, Coilovers, Carbon Bonnet, Rear Diffuser, Many mods, Street or Circuit Spec!
1996 JZX100 Chaser, Built by Daigo Saito, Red with full BN Sports Aero And Bonnet, 2JZ, T88, 5 Speed, Full Cage, 600hp Ex D1 Comp Car!
1999 Silvia Spec R, Red, Kazama Auto Promode SS Aero, 2jz with T78, 630PS, 5 Speed JZX Trans, Ex D1 (Driven by Tanaka) Comp Car!
1999 S15 Sivlia D1 Car From Friends Racing, Mosnter Spec SR22, Uprated Gearbox, Classic D1 Car that we will modernize in house!


1989 Honda FL400 Pilot, Aftermarket Exhaust and Sus, New Wiseco Piston, Super Rare and great fun! 700,000 JPY PIC
Yamaha Y200s, White / Pink, Good running order, 200,000 JPY
Yamaha Y200s, White / Red, Good running order, KYB sus, Bars, 220,000 JPY
Polaris RZR 1000, 2015 Special Edition, Under 50 hrs! POA