Vehicle: 1997 JZX100 Chaser, Pearl White Metallic

Spec Highlights: GTX Turbo, Tomei Cams, Power FC, Promode SS Aero  This Vehicle has not yet been fully prepped / processed. Price is for the car in current condition. Prep work will incur further costs for workshop time and parts if Required. Full Pics and Video are not yet available. Should you want to purchase the car we will send ASAP.


Spec Highlights:

  • GTX Turbo
  • Tomei Cams
  • Injectors
  • Dual Caliper (Hydraulic handbrake)
  • Oil Cooler
  • Power FC, Just Tuned
  • Kazama Promode SS Fenders like our race car 450ps!
  • ….and more

Requires better offset Wheels (We have 10.5J in stock)
For use in Ebisu will need safety gear in compliance to 2019 Rules  (Just needs a harness Bar)

Some basic pics available by request via Email

1,650,000 JPY FOB/Domestic