Vehicle: 1996.2 Supra RZ-S, Original White 6F

Spec Highlights: 2JZ, Getrag 6 Speed, t78, Link ECU, 600ps! CLICK FOR FULL GALLERY

This Vehicle has not yet been fully prepped / processed.  Price is for the car in current condition.  Prep work will incur further costs for workshop time and parts if Required.  Full Pics and Video are not yet available. Should you want to purchase the car we will send ASAP.

1996.2 Supra RZ-S, Original White 6F


F: Good, Valino
R: Good, Valino



T78-33D Turbo Kit
New BC 264 / 264 Cams
NEW Tomei Adjustable Cam Gears
NEW DW Fuel Pump
Metal Suction Pipe
HPI Air Cleaner
Zenky Oil Catch Can
Greddy Metal Upper Rad Hose
F-Win Large Alloy Rad
Air Con Removed
Aftermarket Injectors (SARD 800cc?)
Aftermarket Intercooler


Stock Getrag 6 Speed
Aftermarket Clutch
Aftermarket LSD
HKS Hipermax Coilovers
AP Racing Front Caliper Kit
Work Emotion CR Kai 10.5/9.5J
Aftermarket Exhaust System (No Cat)


Aftermarket Front Bumper
FRP Vented Bonnet (Dark Blue)
FRP Vented Wide Fenders
Front Toe Eye
SARD Gt Wing


Momo Offset Suede Steering Wheel
Bride Full Bucket
New Driftworks TRS 4 Point Harness for Driver
5 Point Cage
HKS Boost controller
Link G4 ECU
Oil Temp Meter
Water Temp Meter


Please Study all pics for more info (Full size copies can be sent on request)
No Major Crash Evidence
Fully Stripped Interior , No Heaters , Carpet etc
We can overhaul Engine / Forge etc at extra cost
We will attend to poor paint match etc on front Fenders prior to Shipping
Prepared and used by ourselves for Sugu Circuit
Fenders Hitting tyres on rear (285s), require modification or smaller Tyres/different offset wheels
Short Video of the car on track available on Request
Around 550 – 600ps
Requires an Oil Cooler Kit (We planned to do this next)

3,200,000 FOB  (2,900,000 Normal Front Brakes and no rear Spoiler)

Only for Sale as we have a new Supra Time Attack Project!