Vehicle: 1995.3 BCNR33 Skyline GT-R, Repainted Yellow

Spec Highlights: 520ps, Single Turbo, Full Cage, Converted to Drift Spec!

1995.3 BCNR33 GTR Skyline, Repainted Yellow


F: Old
R: Worn

Aftermarket LSD
GTR RWD Conversion down at our partner shop RGF, Inc Modding the sump and removing FWD.
RGF Custom GTR > FR Mission conversion
Aftermarket Cams (Tomei Poncams?)
Metal Head Gasket
660cc Injectors
Nismo Adjustable FPR
Tomei Fuel Rail
Uprated Fuel Pump
Foam Filled Frame for Rigidity
Carbon Rear Wing (Do Luck?)
Rear Aero Bumper
Custom Vented Front Fenders
Trust Side Skirts
Trust Front Bumper
Ganador Mirrors
Greddy Coilovers
Nismo Rear Lower, Upper and Traction Arms
Rear Member collars
Twin Plate Clutch
Super Light 1 Layer Carbon  bonnet
Stain mesh Brake Lines
Aftermarket Exhaust
Decat Pipe
Aftermarket Front Pipe
Mission mount collars
SGA Wastegate with Screamer Pipe
IHI C7 Turbo
Stainless Mani
R32 GTST M Rack with custom Lines and Fittings
Aftermarket Knuckle Adapter for more lock
Pilo Tension Rods
Greddy Oil Cooler
Oil Catch Can
Metal Suction Pipe
Aftermarket Air Cleaner
Large Alloy Rad
Sparco Evo Bucket Seats x 2
Sabelt harness and Pads for Driver
Full Cage with Side Bars , Rear Cross, Through Dash
Defi Meter Controller
Defi Oil Temp
Defi Water Temp
Defi EGT
Defi Boost
Defi Fuel Press
Defi Oil Press
Front Wheel Spacers
Rays TE37 18” Alloys (9.5J?)
Drift Button
Nardi Steering Wheel
Carbon Cooling Rad panel
Aftermarket Shift Knob
Hicas Cancelled
Aftermarket Adjustable Toe Rod
Front Carbon Canards

Please Study all pics for more info (Full size pics available on request as they are reduced size for emailing)
Used to be a time attack car built by Tuning shop Advance used on Fuji Circuit and owned by a Professional Baseball player
Has been featured in a Japanese Manga Magazine (Initial D style)
Normal RB26 Bottom End, Boost set at 1.3 (We can tune this engine to any level required from more power!)
Slight Bubble of rust under paint on C Pillar and rear Wheel Arch but generally clean for a GTR
Some marks on body from old stickers, paint patches peeled and touched up on black gradient stripe
Cracks on front Aero
Used to have a Titanium Side Exit Exhaust fitted, we still have that , though it doesn’t fit current setup
ALL Aircon Removed
Heater Controls moved to center arm rest
Many Custom Carbon Interior panels
EGT Sensor not installed
Some Paint Lacquer Peeling
Lock is way improved compared to normal GTR but doesn’t have as much as S-Chassis or JZX with knuckles
Handbrake has new Shoes but Advise high Grip ones for Drifting for Better Response

1,695,000 JPY FOB