Vehicle: 1996.10 JZX100 Mark 2 Tourer V, White>Repainted VW Red

Spec Highlights: 1.5JZ, FD Japan Spec Car built in house



1996.10 JZX100 Mark 2 Tourer V, White>Repainted VW Red


F: Some Tread
R: Worn

2JZ Block, 1JZ VVTi Head (1.5JZ)
JZX110 Transmission
HKS Camshafts
Garrett GTX3071R Turbo (NEW)
Precision Wastegate with Screamer pipe
Aftermarket Injectors (SARD 800cc?)
JR Racing Mani
Custom Front Pipe
TRD Front Strut Brace
Oil Catch Can
Metal Suction Pipe
K&N Air Cleaner
Custom Intercooler and Short Piping
Uprated Fuel Pump
HKS Slide EX Cam Pulley
HKS Timing Belt
Kouki Tail Lights
Heyman Spec DG5 Coilovers, Pilo Lowers
Swift Springs , R7kg, F
Aftermarket LSD
Solid LSD Mounts
Custom Strait Pipe Exhaust, Dump at LSD
Aftermarket Subframe Collars
Uprated Fuel Pump
Aftermarket Rear Stabiliser
Ikeya Formula Rear Upper Arms
Ikeya Formula Rear Toe Rods
Ikeya Formula Rear Traction Rods
Ikeya Formula Rear Lower Arms
Aftermarket Drilled Front and Rear Rotors
Front and Rear Wheel Spacers
Stain mesh brake lines
Aftermarket Rear Pads
Hey Man 800ps Knuckles
Hey Man Extended 25mm Lower Arms
Tie Rod Spacers
Long Tie Rod Ends
Solid LSD mounts
All AC Removed
Custom Metal Bonnet with Vent (Been repaired before after being on one of our old demo cars)
Aero Catches
HKS FconV Pro Gold (Just tuned by our mapper)
Greddy V Manage VVti Controller
Oil Cooler
Front Lip Spoiler
Carbon Front Canards
FRP Side Skirt Extensions
Kazama Auto Promode Front Bumper
Kazama Auto Promode Side Skirts
BN Sports Type M Front Fenders
BN Sports Type M Rear Over Fenders
Powervehicles FD Spec Weld in Cage
Rays Gram Lights 57DR Alloys (10.5J + 12)
Limited Edition Bride Full Bucket Team Orange Seat
Bride Seat Rail
Driven Steering Wheel
RPM 4 Point Harness
Defi Oil Press Meter
Defi Water Temp Meter
Defi Oil Temp Meter
Defi Meter Controller
Trust Shift Knob
Battery Moved to Rear
OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch
Advance High Discharge Alternator
Greddy No 8 Plugs
NEW Greddy Profec Boost Controller

Please Study all Pics for more Info
Built in House, using our tried and test combination of parts, ideal for small to medium size tracks (Change to a larger turbo if you want to use on larger tracks)
Engine unopened 2JZ Block (We can overhaul / forge at extra cost)
Estimated 550ps on Japanese High Octane, for more power we can swap to a larger turbo for 650ps such as GTX3582 Gen 2
Super responsive, but turbo has small amount of boost drop though at high RPM
Rear Floor Cut (Can be sealed if required)
Loosely Complies to Formula D Japan rules (Things like seats / harnesses may need updated though)
Further Tuning can be done such as upgrade to 3.1 /3.4 /3.6 2JZ and G-Force Gearbox

3,495,000 JPY FOB / Domestic Use