Vehicle: 1998.4 JZX100 Chaser Tourer V, Repainted Green

Spec Highlights: HKS Cams, Vpro and Turbo! CLICK FOR FULL GALLERY

1998.4 JZX100 Chaser Tourer V, Repainted Green


F: OK Tread But Old
R: Some Tread

HKS Mani
HKS Cams
HKS Front Pipe
HKS Wastegate with Screamer Pipe
HKS GT3037 Turbo
Metal Suction Pipe
HKS Air Cleaner
Large Copper KOYO Rad
Water Bypass Kit
Cusco Front Strut Brace
Greddy Intercooler Kit
Zenky Oil Catch Can
Coolant Swirl Pot
Uprated Fuel Pump
SARD 530cc Inj
SSR Professor 18” Alloys (Rear 18 x 10J + 11, Front 18 x 9J + 16)
Oil Catch Can
Aftermarket Full Exhaust System
Aftermarket Rear Member Collars
Aftermarket LSD
Modified Mission Mount
Kazama Auto Engine Mounts
Kazama Auto Tie Rods
Engine Under Tray
Ohlin’s Coilovers
Swift Springs (Front 14kg, Rear 7kg )
Grex oil cooler and Filter Relocation Kit
ORC Twin Plate Clutch
Aftermarket Knuckles
Aftermarket Front Pads
Frp Front Fenders
Flared Rear Fenders
Aftermarket Front Lip Spoiler
Aftermarket Side Skirts
Aftermarket Rear Bumper
Ganador Mirrors
LED rear Lights
Brake Light Pulse System
Smokes Corner Winkers
Nardi Steering Wheel
Full Bucket Seat
Full Cage with Padding
Sabelt Seat harness and pads
Drift Button
Defi Boost controller
Defi Oil Temp Meter
Defi Water Temp Meter
Defi Oil Press Meter
Defi Link Controller
Fconv Ver 3.2 just mapped by our tuner, max boost 1.6
HD Navi
Greddy Turbo Timer
Greddy Profec B

Please Study all Pics for more Info
Couple of paint cracks on the rear fenders, Roof paint slightly faded
Advise Rear Adjustable Rear Arms, Extended Lower Front arms, and Dg5 Suspension
Suspension a Little Old, Slight knocks from uppers, but still feel ok
Noise at Idle in the video is normal with this VVti / HKS Cam setup
450-480ps est
Full Trim, Rear Seats complete
AC Controls moved to Centre Console
ETC Unit
Light Front Repair History, Looks fine

Video below (Paint looks mis-matched in the video due to camera type, as you can see in the photos its not bad at all)

1495,000 FOB / Domestic Use